Promotion of E-learning/E-consumer web platform

The project activities in upcoming period will be focused on the promotion of the unique and the first of its kind Internet platform dedicated to E-consumer rights in Serbia. The platform was developed as part of project activities and will be soon available online.

In addition to educational content, the Internet platform will have a quiz with questions about the rights, safety, procedures for complaints when buying online. Anyone who correctly answer questions, receive a certificate of acquired knowledge.

Promotion of web platform will be organized in 15 places throughout Serbia in cooperation with the Ministry of Trade, Tourism and Telecommunications (Department of Consumer Protection), associations for consumer rights and the Regional Development Agencies under the following schedule (April, May and June 2016):

Novi Sad26.4.
Sremska Mitrovica19.5.
Cacak 25.5.
Zajecar 2.6.
Novi Pazar7.6.

WordPress platform – a shortcut to success and employment

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INTERVIEW: Zeljko Rakic, The Head of the Department for Trade at the Ministry of Trade, Tourism and Telecommunications


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A new way of dealing with online shopping complaints

With the new internet platform launched by the European Commission, EU citizens now have the ability for an amicable settlement of disputes with vendors whose services they are not happy with. It is estimated that every second citizen of the EU purchases over the Internet, that one in three has experienced some kind of problem, while only 9% of them are aware of their rights when shopping on the Internet.
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Online Shopping

The volume of transactions performed by users online at the global level is measured in hundreds of billions of dollars annually. In Serbia, the volume of money, is of course, much smaller and amounts to about 15 billion dinars a year (roughly 1.3 billion euros). For comparison: only during “Cyber Monday” (the first Monday after Thanksgiving) in 2011 in the US States, about $ 1.25 billion were spent, which is slightly less than a billion euros – or only about 30% less money spent for one day than the total spent for a full year in Serbia. Read more



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