Risks your child may face online – Online reputation

Young people are growing up online and may be posting information which in the past would have been written in their secret diary. These thoughts, opinions and activities provide a window to their lives at a time where jobs and responsibility might be far from their minds. Read more


Risks your child may face online – Inappropriate websites

The Internet is open to anyone to post and create content so sometimes your child may see things they wish they hadn’t, or access sites that are inappropriate for their age.

Inappropriate can mean different things to different people, from swear words to pornographic images or videos, and what is inappropriate for your child will also change as they grow and develop.

There are a range of things online that might upset children and affect what should be a healthy online experience. It’s important to remember that inappropriate content online includes pornographic content, but could also include other content such as race hate, pro eating disorders or gambling sites.

If your child is using the internet, you should discuss the type of things they might see no matter what age they are. Read more


Risks your child may face online – Grooming

You’ve probably heard of the term ‘grooming’ before. In essence, this is a process used by people with a sexual interest in children to attempt to engage them in sexual acts either over the internet or in person.

Sadly, these people do attempt to make contact with children over the internet; this may be in social networking sites, chatrooms or games. They could be by pretending to be someone else, or showing an interest in them. Read more


Risks your child may face online – Cyberbullying

Cyberbullying is bullying that takes place via technology. Whether on gaming sites, through a mobile device or via a social networking site, the effects can be devastating for the young people involved.

With online technologies accessible 24 hours a day, cyberbullying can be relentless. It can also intrude on spaces that were previously personal, for example at home; it can feel that there is no escape from it.

28% of 11 – to 16 year olds have been deliberately targeted, threatened or humiliated by an individual or group through the use of mobile phone or the internet. Read more