18 Online Security Resources for Small Businesses

Recently, cybersecurity company FireEye announced a partnership with Visa to develop products and services for merchants, as well as card issuers, to detect and respond to attacks. The announcement underscores how cybersecurity affects online commerce at all levels, small businesses as well as large.

Here is a list of online security resources for small businesses. There are news sites to stay current on cybersecurity, online blogs from security experts, topic and policy indexes to help businesses find security guidance, social media security resources, federal security resources, and a threat-intelligence exchange. All of these resources are free.
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A Digital Single Market for Europe: Commission sets out 16 initiatives to make it happen

The Internet and digital technologies are transforming our world – in every walk of life and in every line of business. Europe must embrace the digital revolution and open up digital opportunities for people and businesses. How? By using the power of the EU’s Single Market. Today, the European Commission unveiled its detailed plans to create a Digital Single Market, thereby delivering on one of its top priorities. Read more


Protection of personal data

In January 2012, the European Commission proposed a comprehensive reform of data protection rules in the EU. The completion of this reform is a policy priority for 2015. The objective of this new set of rules is to give citizens back control over of their personal data, and to simplify the regulatory environment for business. The data protection reform is a key enabler of the Digital Single Market which the Commission has prioritised. The reform will allow European citizens and businesses to fully benefit from the digital economy.

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