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This portal was created by the project “E-Business Development” funded by the European Union. The beneficiaries of this portal are the Ministry of Trade, Tourism and Telecommunications, the Ministry of Trade of Republic of Serbia and the National Agency for Regional Development.

This portal will be a key tool to support the development e-Commerce in Serbia for SMEs by helping them to better understand the benefits of e-Commerce to increase productivity and competitiveness. The main goal is promotion of e-Business in order to strengthen SME efficiency, quality and accessibility of products and services.

We hope you will find this portal useful for furthering your business and obtain a better understanding of e-Commerce benefits and practices.

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In these 5 years my page has 26,000 friends without ever having placed a paid ad. This allows me free advertising towards my target group. I post updates on new models regularly and this is particularly useful since many of my customers are working women and do not have time to come by the store often. In this way, they know exactly when to come to the store, thereby saving them time, which they very much appreciate

Danijela BiškupLILU shoes

As a media agency and publishing house that has worked for many years in both domestic and regional markets, I can say that we are participants between two eras of doing business, previously and now during the digital era.
With the large number of tools, that is to say mechanisms, which are designed for almost all activities and business segments, today we are able to work more efficiently, quickly and accurately as opposed to the previous period.
A very important fact is that all the necessary tools for digital business are equally accessible to both companies and individuals, and if used correctly, guarantee a successful business.

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